Spirit’s All Too Short Life (100 Days)

Spirit was hatched on or about April 4th, 2011. He had a nasty habit of landing on utility poles. On the eve of Independence Day, the young male Bald Eagle tragically collided with a wooden utility pole crushing his ribcage, destroying his right knee and damaging his left wing. Life in the wild is never easy and all too often, tragically short. When he was euthanized on July 13th he was 100 days old.

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  1. What a sad evening it was. Rushing to the rescue of “SPIRIT”

    I have Thanked the well Field operator many times over for calling and alerting us of “SPIRIT” on the ground.

    We may have lost “SPIRIT” But We still have “PRIDE”

  2. How did he hit a utility pole? I am sad to hear he was a baby. I know you did everything to help him. RIP

  3. Young eagles, especially those who have just fledged from the nest, are very unsteady on the wing. This is really apparent when they are trying to land. They have a 7 foot wingspan and our best guess, based on the vet’s findings, is that while aiming for and focusing on the top of the pole his left wing clipped the electrical wire, cutting the leading edge of his wing and spinning the young eagle into the wooden pole. He did not struggle at all as he was loaded into the carrier for the trip to Glen Helen.

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