What Is It About Eagles?

What is it about eagles that make them so inspirational?

Over the past three years I have stood with other eagle watchers in driving rain, falling snow and blazing sunshine to watch these magnificient creatures just do what comes naturally to them. I have witnessed people who had never seen an eagle fly catch their first glimpse of those massive wings effortlessly lifting the eagle skyward and heard them gasp in amazement. I have stood with large groups of people and watched as an eagle glides from a treetop perch and ascends to an altitude of several thousand feet without a single flap. They watch through their binoculars until the eagle dissolves into a tiny speck in the clouds before they stop to massage their aching necks. I specificly remember one novice couple and their reaction. He was watching through his binoculars and she was holding his camera. As the eagle appeared above the treetops, a few hundred feet away, he shouted, “Honey, Take pictures!” As she jumped up and down with excitement, she yelled back, “I can’t! I can’t stop jumping!”

Throughout history the eagle has had the same dramatic effect on human beings. Ancient civilizations worshiped them, sculpted them and carved their images into their walls. Our founding fathers chose the eagle as our national symbol. Hitler admired their power. Even The Bible uses the eagle as a illustration of God’s sheltering protection, divine power and sustaining strength.

What is it about eagles?

I believe it is a lot of different things. For me the eagle is the perfect picture of true freedom and liberty. They are the ideal representation of the absolute balance of power and grace; of freedom and responsibility. They can stretch out those beautiful, majestic wings and appear to soar to the very face of God, with no effort of their own. They seem to rejoice in being just what they were designed to be, in doing just what they were designed to do. Whether they are gliding across the heavens or sitting on eggs, covered by a frigid blanket of snow, they never stop being eagles.

Hummingbirds cannot soar. Their tiny wings must constantly move to keep them from plummeting to the ground. They burn huge amounts of energy just so they can feed and stay energized. Hummers seem to be in constant fear of falling, always nervously looking over their shoulders, trusting only in their own frantic activity to keep them airborne. It is all too easy for humans to get so tangled up in the needs, desires and challenges of everyday life that we find ourselves tethered to the ground, anchored by our own petty fears. We flit around like worried hummingbirds when we were designed to trust in the unseen air beneath our wings to sustain and keep us.

What is it about eagles?

They inspire us because the remind us that we too were designed to soar!

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