Nest Building Has Begun Again

Jim and Cindy have begun reconstruction work on what will be their 2012 nest. Once again they are right on schedule. In the previous 3 years, late October and early November have brought on the start of the nest-building activity. Although they typically work on three separate nests before choosing a site to call “home”, they currently appear to be focusing all their attention on remodeling this year’s nest. Because they were successful in fledging two eaglets in 2011, they may very likely return to that nest for the new nesting season.

Jim is about 7 years old now and has recently lost the single black-streaked tail feather and the small dark feathers on the sides of his head are also gone. This means that it is more difficult to tell him apart from Cindy. When they are together Cindy’s larger size is obvious. She also has a fairly noticeable notch in her white head feathers where they meet her darker chest feathers, but that too may change.

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  1. Awesome photos Roger.

  2. I have been watching the eagles now since the eaglets were hatched. I have been reading your updates and you never mention the eaglet that survived last year. What ever happened to it. This is really cool that we can now see the babies and how much they have grown since I started watching them. One of these days I want to go over to Eastwood lake and just sit and and watch them and maybe get some pictures of the Adults Flying around!!

  3. That is a good question Mary and one I am asked a lot. I will address it soon here on the blog.

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