Ready For Some Good News?

As Jim and Cindy seem to be concentrating on remodeling their 2011 nest, an opportunity has presented itself. Copp Systems Integrator and the City of Dayton Water Department, partners with The Eastwood Eagle Watchers in bringing you coverage of Jim and Cindy’s activities via The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery’s website, are working on improving the live streaming video of the nest.

Their crews along with crews from Dayton Power and Light are currently working on installing and activating a second pole-mounted camera that will provide viewers a different angle for eagle watching. The new camera will be closer to the nest and provide video coverage from the other side of the nest. The work is progressing with the goal of being completed well before egg-laying time. One big advantage of our local Bald Eagles choosing the Mad River Well Field as their home is that they are accustomed to the human activity and the operation of heavy equipment nearby. The area immediately adjacent to the nesting tree, wherever that year’s nest may have been, has been completely closed to all activity since the eagles arrived in 2008. The video stream will be back online when the new nesting season begins in early 2012.

Although Jim and Cindy may choose any of their existing nests to call home, or even opt for a totally different site, the fact that they were successful in the fledging of two eaglets last season greatly increases the odds that they will return to that nest this year. By installing this new camera now, our partners are (as they say) putting all there eggs in one basket…one very large, very deep basket.

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  1. This is very exciting news in deed!! We can only pray now that they in fact do use last season’s nest! Thanks EEW

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