Frisky Eagles

Jim and Cindy are always together these days. They continue to work on last year’s aerie for the upcoming nesting season. Both appear to be in excellent health and Jim is once again sporting that singular black stripe in his tail feathers. Roger Garber was able to capture the two  flying together near the well field this week. They have been fishing the lakes on either side of Harshman Road at Ohio Route 4. Once the eggs are laid in late winter, they will stay much closer to the nest and farther from public view.

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  1. Good Morning Jim,

    Christmas eve early afternoon around the 1:00 time frame. Along rt. 123 between Frankling and Lebanon I spotted what I think was a young eagle feasting on a fresh deer carcus along side the rode. By the time I got turned around to get a closer look the bird had flown. I did see it again leave a nearby tree and it had a very impressive wing span. As we were coming into Lebanon….a littler further south my son noticed a very large bird soaring on the horizon.

    -Swarts Illustrated

  2. I stopped by the west lake today (thursday) around the 12:15 time frame and both eagles we’re fishing the lake from west to east then headed over to the east lake.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful update..glad they are both doing well 🙂

  4. Thanks for your comments Ron. They have been sitting in the trees along Route 4 at Eastwood Lake (west of Harshman) and fishing quite a bit lately. Huffman Lake got pretty mirky with the muddy water during the recent rains.

  5. You’re welcome Sherry. We are all looking forward to the new nesting season and the possibility of new eaglets in April!

  6. There are still reports of a pair nesting near Hamilton and I have seen several juveniles pass through the area. I haven’t heard any reports on Pride lately.

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