Birds of a Feather…Have Eggs Together

My previous post addressed the new video camera soon to come online on the website. In it I mentioned how the Bald Eagles, Jim and Cindy are always within a few feet of each other these days. We are in the heart of mating season and they show it. This is typical eagle behavior and is illustrated in the above picture. Both of our eagles appear to be in excellent health. And then today Roger captured the above image of the two of them on the ice in the middle of Eastwood Lake (formerly Hydrobowl Lake) at Harshman Road and Route 4. This picture was taken 371 days after Roger captured a similar image last year. Bald Eagles mate multiple times over a period of many days but the important thing is that they are mating. This is fantastic news and I had to share it with you. All of the camera preparation would be useless if we had no eggs in the nest as Bald Eagles only use the aerie for incubation and raising their eaglets. Last year’s successful fledging of Spirit and Pride was a first for this pair. I am hoping that this year will be as successful for them. Healthy adult birds with a strong bond between them that are actively mating are all necessary for a successful nesting season. We will keep you posted as that seasons progresses.

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