Fun Day Eagle Watching

Roger was able to capture some wonderful images of our local Bald Eagles this afternoon. After a cold, windy, cloudy and then snowy afternoon, a couple of hours of bright sunlight brought a lot of activity to the area. Jim stopped by the lake and picked up a carry out order of coot. The two of them dined Lady and the Tramp style with each eating opposite ends of the same tasty morsel.

A few days ago, Jim and Cindy both drifted aloft where they were met high in the sky by a young juvenile. The three soared together for a time. We were wondering if the young one may have been Pride. He had not been seen recently and no one knew where he had wandered off to or with whom. Then today Roger captured the above image of a juvenile near the nest. Is it Pride? We believe it is. Soon Cindy will lay this year’s eggs and Pride’s presence may no longer be tolerated by his parents.

The ground near the new video camera pole is still soft but not soggy so hopefully the second camera can be installed this week. Jim and Cindy still enter and leave the nest in clear view of this camera’s location. Recent nest construction has added to the height of the walls and has deepened the bowl of the nest enough that the incubating adult will be harder to see. I have included one additional picture in this posting to better illustrate the new camera’s position. The yellow circle shows the new location and the pinkish circle on the pole in the distance is the existing camera. I hope you can clearly see that this second camera will provide not only a different angle-of-view, but a much closer vantage point for the live streaming coverage of nesting activities. Please check for the resumption of the live video stream in mid-February. I will be sure to inform you all on the activation of the new camera when it happens.

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  1. Thank you for all of the updates and beautiful photos of the Bald Eagles! I have been out to Eastwood many times trying to catch them in flight. Hopefully one day soon I will witness them too!

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