Progress Report

What an amazing time of the year! The usual cold, snowy weather has been replaced by sunny, 50 degree days making eagle watching MUCH more comfortable. It is a great time to stop by Eastwood Lake and try to catch a glimpse of Jim and Cindy. Roger and I have enjoyed talking to several of you during the past few weeks.

As Roger’s photos above show, Jim and Cindy are healthy and almost always within a few feet of each other. They continue to occupy their time eating, mating and nest-building. They had been seen mating in this cornfield which is just across Ohio Route 4 from the well field. They are always critical of each other’s nest-building ability, often rearranging the sticks that their mate weaves into the nest.

Speaking of the nest, there are yet no eggs but they are usually deposited in the nest around the last week of February. The second camera has been installed and the final positioning and focusing issues are being addressed. If all continues to go well the Boonshoft eaglecams will come on-line next week and provide live streaming coverage from two separate angles throughout the 2012 nesting season.

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  1. Good news. Looking forward to it! Thanks.

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