Do We Have The First Egg of 2012?

As the rain began moving into the area, I was watching the Boonshoft Museum eagle-cams. Their eagle page is now fully operational and both eagle-cams are functioning. Although they tell me that they are still working out some issues with the cameras, it was fun to be able to choose which view of the aerie I wanted to see from the comfort of my recliner. Again may I offer a big THANK YOU to the Boonshoft Museum, Copp Systems Integrator, The City of Dayton Water Department and all who have donated to make this live streaming video coverage possible.

It appears to me that today may have been a big day for the Dayton, Ohio Bald Eagles, known locally as Jim and Cindy. Cindy spent most of the afternoon sitting in the center of the nest. She would only stand for a short time and then settle back down into the same area of the nest. As she approached the area she appeared to be knuckle-walking over an egg, and when she stood, she appeared to be repositioning the egg with her beak. At one point Jim brought food to the nest and Cindy ate it while Jim inspected the center of the nest then flew off. After a quick meal, Cindy appeared to knuckle-walk back over the egg and settle in with her tail slightly elevated. Although I openly admit that I am anxious for the new nesting season to begin, today’s activities are all typical incubation behavior.

If indeed an egg is in the nest tonight, it should hatch around March 21st and the eaglet should fledge in the first part of June. Another egg or two may be laid in the next few days and they will hatch in the order in which they were laid. Jim and Cindy will now become more aggressive in defending the nest from potential threats from other birds, including Pride if he should return home. If there is no egg yet in the nest, this behavior indicates that there will be one shortly. But I really think, and hope, that the first egg of the season has been laid.

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  1. It would be nice to view the live stream. I get a message “missing plug-in” and cannot get any help from Boonshoft.

  2. Is there a way you can tell Jim & Cindy apart on cam? I know the Decorah, Iowa eagles are easy to sex, but we get a much closer view of them! Thanks!

  3. Good morning Michelle, They are hard to tell apart. Jim has one black-striped tail feather (at least temporarily) and is of course smaller than Cindy. Also Cindy has a more obvious notch in her white feathers under her beak where her white feathers and chest feathers meet. A camera above the nest wold sure be nice but the nest is too high in the tree to make that location practical.

  4. I understand that iPhones and iPads cannot support the feed.

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