Good Year for Ohio Eagles

As the waiting game s-l-o-w-l-y continues, all is well at the aerie. The passing tornadic thunderstorms and gusty winds have not managed to do much damage to the nest. The incubation continues and as we mark off each of the next 18 days we will get a little more excited about the prospect of watching eaglets again. This scenario is playing out across the country. Eagle-cams are live-streaming video to thousands of viewers literally around the globe. What a thrill it is to be in the field and watch as others experience their first glimpse of a wild eagle. And the opportunity for just such an experience is rapidly increasing, especially here in Ohio.

ODNR has released a report showing that for the 2012 nesting season in the state of Ohio, there have been 24 confirmed new Bald Eagle nests as of March 2nd! Just a few years ago you had to be in the counties along Lake Erie to see eagles flying free. And this is just confirmed new nests. Since eagles enjoy their privacy, remote new nests may exist for several years before they are discovered and many newly discovered nest go unreported to ODNR.

We have seen many transient eagles, juveniles and adults, above the local rivers this winter. Many more than in past years. Some may have been looking for nesting territory. Those that weren’t yet looking, will be in the next few years. As the population grows and eagles spread out across the state reclaiming habitat lost for decades, we can expect to see some territorial disputes. Every large body of water and free-flowing river is up for grabs unless it has been claimed already. This will be interesting.

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  1. Glad to know your nest survived the high winds. I’m watching a new nest in Sandusky County and was nervous all weekend. It looks like this one also escaped damage. So far, so good. We have a reservoir and several small ponds near the nest site but no river or larger body of water within a radius of twelve miles. It’s good to find them inland again.

  2. Yes it is! They have been gone way too long!

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