The Faithful Guard

Many of the people who I have encountered at Eastwood over the past few weeks have asked me the same question, “Where are the eagles?” During the incubation season one eagle is always in the nest making sure that the eggs stay warm and are rotated appropriately. The other eagle also stays within a few hundred feet of the nest except for brief hunting trips to nearby waters. While they are not feeding they serve the important function of guarding the nest from any potential threat.

These photos illustrate that point. Using a zoom lens so I could stay a safe distance from the nest and would cause no stress to the eagles, I was able to capture these images of Jim on guard duty today. Cindy was in the aerie with the eggs but if you look carefully at the photos you can see Jim positioned where he has a clear view of any threat from the sky. In fact, when a Great Blue Heron attempted to land in the tree adjacent to the nest, Jim left his perch and flew directly toward the intruding heron. The Great Blue saw him coming and decided that it might be wise to roost somewhere else.

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