The Feeding-Frenzy Is On

Now that the eaglets are over a week old, Jim and Cindy are extremely busy tending to the needs of their hungry offspring. They are making more and more food runs and are often both in the aerie feeding eaglets in separate areas of the nest. Judging by the simultaneous feeding and the amount of food that the eagles are delivering to the young eaglets there must be two, if not three, eaglets in the nest. It will still be some time before we are able to get a visual head count. The demand for fresh fish, waterfowl or other meat will only increase as the eaglets grow between now and early June when the adults will feed the eaglets less frequently to encourage them to fledge from the nest.

One of the adult Bald Eagles is always in the nest brooding the young while the other stands guard within a few hundred feet of the tree. I have witnessed many defensive flights as a passing bird wanders too close to the nest. Usually the intruder is one of the many Great Blue Heron in the area. I have noticed that some of the neighboring Great Blues actually make abrupt turns to avoid the nesting area and I imagine that they have been previously chastised by Jim or Cindy.

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