Er….Make that 3 Eaglets

Earlier this nesting season, after the hatching of the eaglets, I had commented that the feeding activities of Jim and Cindy were considerably more intense this year which made me suspect that they may have been feeding three eaglets. Then last week someone had spotted one of the adult eagles removing what appeared to be a lifeless eaglet from the nest and the feeding activity slowed down that very day. Well today I have received two separate reports from respected and experienced eaglewatchers of the clear sighting of three fuzzy gray heads in the nest! One report came this morning and the other sighting was this afternoon. As I had mentioned in a previous posting, Bald Eagles typically incubate two eggs, sometimes one, sometimes three but rarely four. Now that the four-week-old eaglets are moving about in the nest and are fairly easy to see on the eagle-cam, there appears to be three surviving eaglets which means that we may have indeed started with the successful hatching of four eaglets this season!

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  1. Holy eaglets batman! This is awesome. congrats to J&C

  2. Reblogged this on eagleholic and commented:
    wow! they may have hatched 4 eggs initially!

  3. Thanks for the update. My wife also saw three eaglets yesterday.

  4. Today, April 19th at around 3:30 pm I clearly saw three eaglets feeding. (I was watching Eagle Cam 1) One looked pretty big, the second a little smaller, and the third one smaller yet. They were all in a row waiting to be fed what looked like a fish. I think it was Cindy feeding them and she made sure the smaller one got food, but both parents were in the nest. Very caring parents!

  5. Thanks for the update…and we enjoyed the brochure you gave us yesterday

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