A Beautiful Evening For Eagle Watching

With all the beautiful sunshine we were able to check on Jim and Cindy and the family this evening. They are doing an excellent job of feeding the three eaglets. The last few days have been pretty windy and the nest in the treetop has been rocking but all appears to be well. The fish are plentiful and the fishing trips are only taking a few minutes. As you can see from the picture, the eaglets are starting to sprout their first real feathers.

Dayton Power and Light, our local utility, is planning on installing avian protection devices on the utility poles in the well field later this week. If you notice any unusual activity on the eagle-cams that may be why. ODNR agrees that we have a small window of time to install the devises before the eaglets get much more active. The devices are designed to discourage the eaglets from perching atop the utility poles when they fledge in a few weeks. We lost Spirit last July after he collided with a wire and a pole while trying to land on the pole. Pride frequently perched on poles until September when he became better at landing in trees. The crossbars of utility poles are clear of branches and seem like perfect perches for the novice flyers who do not perceive the dangers posed by the wires and electricity associated with the poles. I have never seen Jim or Cindy perch on a pole although the much smaller Red Tails often hunt from them.

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    wonderful pics from the Boonshoft nest!

  2. Beautiful photographs!!!

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