Hungry, Hungry Eaglets!

Feeding three hungry eaglets is keeping Jim and Cindy pretty busy. You can see all three eaglets in one of the above photos as they eagerly await the delivery of yet another fish. All three eaglets are looking healthy and are growing at an amazing rate. The oldest is 32 days old today and we assumeĀ it is the largest and most active of the group. The youngest and smallest seems to be getting plenty of food but that is only because one adult feeds two eaglets while the other feeds the third one. This cuts down on the competition for food and gives the little one a better chance of staying nourished. They appear to be house…er…nestbroken. They each climb up on the edge of the aerie, turn their backsides towards the edge and let the whitewash fly. Kind of scary to watch on these windy days but they manage to climb back down afterwards.

We are looking forward to a very interesting June with eagles everywhere. We know from experience that “everywhere” means within a few feet of Mom or Dad for the first few weeks.

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