Protecting Our Eaglets

In an attempt to protect our soon to fledge eaglets, Dayton Power and Light crews have begun installing avian protection devices on the top of the utility poles within the well field. They were able to mount the devices on 20 poles today and will return soon to continue the work.

They tell me that the devices are used out west with great success. The inverted-V shaped, plastic brackets are somewhat flexible and relatively thin and should prove uncomfortable for the eaglets should they attempt to land on them. For those of you new to this blog, on July 3rd last year we lost the eaglet called Spirit when he crushed his right chest and knee after his left wing clipped a wire in a failed landing attempt on a utility pole. Also the seven-feet wingspan of the novice flyers could easily result in the eaglets being electrocuted should they come into contact with the right wires while landing on the poles.

Several Eastwood Eagle Watchers were on hand to monitor the eagles as the work progressed today. Jim and Cindy could be seen watching the DP&L crews but did not react to their presence. Today’s activities were across The Mad River from the aerie but there are poles nearer the nesting tree that will have to be adapted for their protection. The eagles are acclimated to the presence of Water Department crews working in the area and even the noise of mowing near their tree so we anticipate only a limited reaction from them. The eaglets are about a month old now and on milder days Jim and Cindy are both out of the nest for up to 60 minutes.

The retrofitted poles should improve conditions for the eaglets but we were getting a lot of dirty looks from the local Red Tails that hunt from those perches.  Since only the poles with crossbars are being altered I am sure the hawks will just hunt from the tops of the other poles in the area.

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  1. This is the BEST news I have received lately!!! Kudos to whoever lit the fire under the Water Dept. and of course to DPL!

  2. Lana, The Water Department has been VERY cooperative throughout this whole process and they have been extremely respectful of Jim and Cindy and always protect them with a passion! DP&L has been slow in responding. The project was addressed last year and I even submitted a drawing of a simple device that could help but they wanted to research the options and legal requirements. That was probably proper. But then it got shuffled to the back of the table. DP&L wanted to do the alterations earlier this year but the eagles had begun incubating the eggs and we advised against ANYTHING that might disturb them at that time. Kudos to them for moving so quickly during this small window when the eaglets are less vulnerable to the temperatures and still unable to fly.

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