A Very Successful Day!

It was an amazingly successful day today as Dayton Power and Light crews installed avian protection devices on the poles nearest Jim and Cindy’s nest!

We were concerned about how the eagles would react as the crews invaded their comfort zone, but Jim and Cindy handled the whole day with grace and nobility. Truly, the best case scenario unfolded throughout the afternoon. Eagles are very protective of their home turf and can become very agitated and very aggressive if they feel that their eaglets are threatened in any way. But as the work crews carried out their duties, Jim and the eaglets just sat in the nest and watched the show. Cindy made a few rather low circling passes with some rather abrupt turns just to make her presence known and then headed off to find lunch for the family. She made no attempt to swoop at or otherwise harass the intruders or their bucket trucks. We all just watched as she brought home a turtle and some fish after her outings.

We would like to thank DP&L and their crews for being considerate of the eagles need for privacy during their work. The plastic, triangular devices are designed to discourage the eaglets from landing on the utility poles in the area in an attempt to protect them from the dangers that the wires, and the electricity they carry, pose to the young, inexperienced flyers. Eaglets typically fledge when they are between 70 and 92 days old, so they should be ready to fly by the first week of June.

All three eaglets appear to be healthy and active. As you can see by the photos above, they are sprouting feathers and growing rapidly. The 8 feet wide aerie is already getting crowded!

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  1. How do you become part of the eagle watchers?

  2. Hi Tina,

    Our group is very loosely organized. There are no dues, clubhouse or secret handshakes. We mostly network through email or just running into each other while at Eastwood.

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