Squabbles at the Dinner Table

I know that it isn’t proper to assign human emotions and human motivations to wild creatures, but that isn’t nearly as much fun. The interaction in the Dayton aerie at feeding time reminds me so much of the dinner table antics of my five siblings and myself, it is hard not to draw a mental comparison.

I am impressed every day by how attentive Jim and Cindy are to their eaglets. They are constantly hunting, feeding and guarding their young. There is a reason that three eaglets in on brood is a rarity. Tending to their needs can physically wear the parents out. Often if only one bird is left to care for the young, the eaglets may be removed from the nest by wildlife officials to spare the life of the adult caregiver.

When the eaglets fly in June there will be even more work for Jim and Cindy to do. Afterall, it is harder to keep after energetic, curious toddlers than babies in the crib. (See, there I go again.)

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  1. I am amazed how big the eaglets are in such a short time! Thanks to the Eastwood Eagle Watchers for keeping us involved in their growth:)
    So anxious to see them take flight… KeeKee

  2. love it

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