Rainy Morning Breakfast

As a light mist hovered in the damp air, the duties of parenthood summoned Jim and Cindy to yet another round of fishing, shredding and serving. I am constantly amazed at how gentle Bald Eagles can be with their eaglets. They are perfectly designed hunting machines, equipped with extremely keen eyesight for spotting prey, dagger-like talons for catching, killing and carrying the prey while airborne, and razor-sharp, hooked beaks for tearing and shredding the feast. They are the perfect marriage of deadly accuracy and shear strength. Yet, when incubating eggs or feeding their young, they are astoundingly gentle and caring.

After the storms and winds of last night I was pleased to see them go about the never-ending routine of caring for the needs of their eaglets. In the misty air, under the cloudy skies, I captured the above images of the morning routine. In actuality, this “morning routine” continues throughout the day, for the eaglets are perfectly designed eating machines. Gaining a pound every 5 to 7 days required a lot of nutrition. In just 6 weeks they have grown from chick-sized hatchlings to gawky toddlers approaching half the size of their parents. Although they are already larger than most other adult birds, they will almost double their size in the next four weeks.

(Many people have just found this blog site after the recent DDN article. We experienced 1300 hits yesterday alone and 400 more this morning! Welcome! May I encourage you all to click the “follow”  button and stay updated on the wildlife adventure unfolding right here in Dayton, Ohio. Please browse our previous postings for information about Jim and Cindy and the Eastwood Eagle Watchers group. We love sharing our observations and helping others learn more about these wonderful birds. Feel free to comment here or contact us at our Gmail address of eastwoodeaglewatchers@gmail.com. You can also view our photos and field updates at the boonshoftmuseum.org eagle page that features live streaming video of the nest. Thank you for joining us on this journey of discovery.)

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