How Can I Tell Jim From Cindy?

Another question that often comes up is, “How can I tell Jim from Cindy?”

There are at least three ways to tell them apart. The first is size. Cindy is taller, bulkier and has a larger wingspan than Jim. This works well if they are together in a tree or in the nest or even flying close together. The second way is that Jim still has a single black stripe on the right side of his tail feathers while Cindy’s tail feathers are a brilliant white. The third way is that Cindy has a more prominent part in her white head feathers at her chest and while Jim’s head feathers feature a notch as well, they present a smoother line at his chest. Now that you know, go name that eagle!

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  1. Thanks,,we were talking to you yesterday afternoon

  2. You are welcome Bobbie. It is nice to put a face to a name. As I said, it isn’t always easy to tell them apart. Cindy will always be larger but the feathers are prone to change.

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