Eagle Surfing

While I was at Eastwood Tuesday I witnessed a very interesting event. Across Harshman Road, and quite a distance away, I saw Jim or Cindy flying in a northerly direction. Ahead of the eagle flew a duck frantically trying to be somewhere else, fast. Bald Eagles will prey on ducks but they normally don’t catch them in midair but rather snatch them from the water’s surface. Even though the cloudy skies made the lighting poor and the eagle was a good distance away, I zoomed in and snapped a few pictures of the pursuit. When I looked at the pictures I saw that the eagle had a passenger on board. Smaller birds, like the Eastern Kingbird and the Red Winged Blackbird can be very territorial and aggressively confrontational with larger birds and

One scared duck and one eagle surfer.

will sometimes land on a flying eagle’s back and surf across the sky. The Kingbirds had returned to Eastwood last week and the Red Wing Blackbirds are also plentiful. The bird in the dimly lit picture looks to possibly be a Red Wing Blackbird but it is really hard to tell. Gnarly dude.

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  1. Reblogged this on shaneknick and commented:
    Awesome rare photo.

  2. Amazing shot!

  3. LOVE these posts!! How awesome to be connected regularly with what is happening with Jim and Cindy, and yet to be named eaglets:)
    Will there be a news event when the eaglets take “first flight”? How appropriate for Dayton, OH… the Wright Brothers would be proud!!

    Thank you SO much for keeping us up-to-date!!!

  4. So is that little bird trying to pick a fight with Jim or Cindy?? Isn’t it a little overmatched? Does Jim or Cindy just ignore it?

  5. great pictures!!!! keep up the good past time we all enjoy

  6. I believe that Boonshoft will have another eaglet naming contest and the Eastwood Eagle Watchers will announce it here and on the Boonshoft Eagle page Update notes and hopefully include pictures. EEW will also notify the media but they tend to be a bit unpredictable.

  7. Well Tom, they seem to not even notice. I saw a Red Wing surfing on the back of a Red Tail Hawk today.

  8. Thanks Bernie. We are excited about the next few months of flying eaglets learning how to be eagles!

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