One More Surfer Dude

After my recent posting of my picture showing the Red Wing Blackbird riding on the back of one of the Bald Eagles, several people posted comments about this interesting activity that I refer to as “eagle surfing”. It isn’t all that rare of an event. The main ingredients needed are simply an eagle and an aggressive smaller bird. The wonderful thing is that until Jim and Cindy’s arrival in the fall of 2008 we only had the smaller birds. Although the smaller birds will also hitch a ride on a passing Red Tail, it just isn’t the same.

Therefore I went back through some of the older photos in the Eastwood Eagle Watcher’s archives and found the above images captured by Roger Garber a year or so ago. Although my pictures were taken from quite a distance, Roger found himself in the right place at the right time (He’s good at that.) to watch this Eastern Kingbird riding Jim through the sky. If you look closely you will see that Jim is carrying a fish and the Kingbird seems to be asking if he is willing to share his dinner.

By the way, he was not in a sharing mood.

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