They Just Keep Getting Bigger

Monday, on my visit to Eastwood Lake MetroPark, I looked across Harshman Road at the aerie and thought that I could see Jim and Cindy in the nest. But when I took another look using my binoculars, I was shocked to realize that it was two of the eaglets that I had been watching! Not only do eaglets gain a pound every 5 to 7 days but the new feathers add shape, width and depth to their appearance. I have known that for years but once again I am amazed at how fast these eaglets are growing.

As you look at Roger’s photo of the eaglet stretching its wings, you can clearly see how they are feathering out. I estimate that those wings are nearly 6 feet from tip to tip. The fuzziness of its thighs and the partial feathering of its chest makes the 51 day old eaglet look like it is wearing a western vest and chaps. Although they are beginning to look like eagles, they act like children. They hop and pounce around the nest clubbing each other as they flap those wings and often squabble over any fish scraps that they find in the nest.

My picture illustrates how curious the youngsters are. If one comes to the edge of the nest to stare at something it finds interesting, before long it has company in the form of its siblings.

Jim and Cindy are still feeding the young ones but are not going to the nest nearly as often as they were just a week ago, and they are not staying in the nest with the eaglets as they once did. First of all, the nest is crowded, but additionally the eaglets are bigger, feathered and more mobile than before. They are more self-sufficient. As the eaglets get closer to being able to fledge from the nest, the adults will become more aloof and the eaglets will be forced to become more independent.

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