A Little Pride Goes a Long Way…

…but then comes back home! Maybe.

While I was at Eastwood Lake today I did something that eagle-watchers quickly learn to do, I looked up. Not just up towards the nest but straight up overhead. And I am so glad I did, for way up high in the clouds I saw a black speck that sure looked like an eagle. A single bird on flat, outstretched wings gliding high across the heavens with effortless grace usually is an eagle. A quick look through the binoculars confirmed not only an eagle but a juvenile that looked to be about a year old. Could it be Pride? I watched for about 20 minutes as it circled slowly overhead, never losing altitude. I glance towards the nest to see if Jim or Cindy would react to the presence of another eagle over the well field. If I was watching this juvenile through my binoculars, I was sure that Jim and Cindy knew that it was there too. Finally the youngster drifted off to the north with no reaction from the adults. The passing juvenile was so high that it never posed a real threat to the nest so maybe no reaction was necessary.

The two images featured here were captured today. One illustrates how amazingly high the juvenile really was and the other, although fuzzy due to my shaking hands, zoom and cropping, clearly shows a healthy, one-year-old juvenile Bald Eagle. There is no way to know if it was actually Pride, but I sure hope it was!

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