Where Is That Nest Again?

Again I have been asked the above question, and since a picture is worth a thousand words, I have decided to post 4,000 words worth of pictures above.

If you are interested in viewing the nest in the field, be aware that it is a pretty good distance away but you can see the comings and goings of the eagles without binoculars. And if you are willing to spend some time watching the skies, there is also a pretty good chance that Jim or Cindy will pass overhead on one of their many hunting expeditions or just soaring for the sheer joy of soaring.

If you enter Eastwood Lake MetroPark from Harshman Road, (not the signalized road at Eastwood MetroPark) and take the first right and then turn right again down at the lake you will find yourself heading back toward Harshman Road. Just after that road curves left to parallel Harshman, you will see a wooden DP&L pole, numbered 306098. If you stand by that pole and look across Harshman Road and through the gap in the trees along the Mad River you will see the large sycamore tree with the eagle nest prominently nestled in the highest branches. The 8 feet diameter of the nest makes it hard to miss, even at that distance.

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  1. thanks so much..if i ever get the chance I will definately try to find it♥

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