Crowded Conditions and Heated Exchanges

If you have ever been part of a family of more than one person, which is almost everyone, then you know that there are those occasional times of friction that make life interesting. If you were (or are) part of a family with way more than one person then you know that the odds of finding friction can increase with each sibling-sibling or child-parent relationship. Sometimes eagles feel the friction too.

The nest is getting even more crowded as the eaglets grow and establish a pecking order. (And I do mean a literal pecking order.) Sometimes that pecking leads to squabbles that makes it necessary for Jim or Cindy to lay down the law. Just their arrival in the aerie can bring an end to the bickering. At other times a bit of lecturing is necessary. In the extreme heat of late, the hot and bored eaglets seem even more quarrelsome. You have to remember that there is no roof up there and the emerging leaves provide little shade. To make matters worse, the only activities available when they are not sleeping or eating are flapping, hopping, pooping, photographer watching and biting your nestmates. Eagles love freedom and were meant to soar. I believe that the eaglets are beginning to desire the life that will be their’s when they are unfettered from the nest.

On the other hand, the eaglets in the above pictures may be happy and smiling, but since it is hard to tell when an eagle is smiling, I’m sticking to my story!

Today the oldest eaglet is 70 days old. The window has open for flight. Sometime in the next 22 days the eaglets will fledge. They can fly, they just aren’t quite sure about it yet. It is fun to watch their confidence build as they test those wonderful wings. That first flight is fatal all too often as landings are quite difficult to master.

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  1. They were “COOLED” somewhat today Jim.. Temps in the mid 50s

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