The Timing Is Right For Flight!

The eaglets are pushing 80 now. 80 days of age that is. Last year’s eaglets fledged at 83 and 85 days. This week looks pretty promising for new flight to take wing!

All the factors are there. The fluttering above the nest is strong and steady. The restlessness of the eaglets has obviously increased lately. Eagles are pretty curious creatures at times and every inch of the aerie has by now been inspected and reinspected. They can see that amazingly intriguing world just beyond the edge of their nest. That nest has been their world, their comfort zone for over 11 weeks and the wetness of the rain, the heat of the sun and the boredom of confinement have all worked together to make the comfort zone less comfortable.

Watch closely, for now is the time for courage, for hope, for boldness, for freedom, for flight!

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  1. They need to adjust stream 2. You can no longer see the whole nest only the one end.

  2. Thank you Pam,

    We are aware of the issue and the camera will be adjusted if possible. The pole that the camera is mounted on is quite near the eagle’s tree and we may not be able to work on it if it disturbs the eagles. The limb to the right of the nest is used by the eaglets to practice landing and balancing in preparation for flight and the wandering camera 2 now shows that limb.

  3. All went well at reaiming the cameras. Hopefully they will stay where the are for a while. Because they are a distance from the nest, an inch of movement makes a big difference in the image. Thanks again Pam.

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