Crowded and Busy Ground School

The Wright brothers knew that any new aviator must complete ground school before getting airborne. Ground school is where new flyers learn the basics needed to master the art of flying. Avian aviators need ground school too.

Being fully aware of how important that first flight and landing are, I am glad that the three eaglets have such gifted flight instructors. It is rare to see both adults in the nest with the three adult-sized eaglets but that was just what we saw late Monday afternoon. They had watched the antics in the nest from nearby trees all afternoon, Jim from his favorite perch over the river and Cindy from her perch a few hundred feet east of the nest. After much flapping and hovering by the eaglets, Jim flew in with a large fish and Cindy soon joined the family in the mess hall. Then came training time.

One of the eaglets is repeatedly hopping and flying to a nearby limb which is crucial practice for landing. Properly approaching and grabbing a limb and then successfully balancing and roosting on it will be a difficult thing for the young flyers to accomplish. When they do finally take that first flight, they will probably end up on the ground for a time but they will need to fly to the safety of a limb to be free from the threat of predators. All three eaglets took turns making short, vertical flights as if they were trying to show off for their parents. At times it appeared as if they were trying to outdo each other.

That first solo flight may very well happen this week but it may just as well happen next week. Once they fly, the real training will begin as these novices master the art of hunting and soaring. That is what Bald Eagles are designed to do. And it all begins with ground school.

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  1. Preflight checks in process.

    Thank you for this blog and the awesome photos!

  2. You are welcome. It is our pleasure to share the adventure. (I am anxious to see them fly but I want them to be sure they can land before they lift off!)

  3. I love your updates and photos!! I really like the stories you add!!!!

  4. I am glad you like them Melissa. It is a real privlege to be able to watch Bald Eagles just 7 minutes from my home (and a whole lot of fun too).

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