I Knew They Could Fly!

Watching the eaglets grow and develop is not only a real joy but it is also a real challenge at times. The challenge is in the waiting. The joy is in watching the progress as the young trio discover new abilities and reach new milestones in their journey into the freedom of the skies. Tuesday was a joyous day!

As we were watching the usual activities in the nest, there were a few comical moments. One eaglet busied itself with the meatless chestplate of a long-ago-consumed turtle. When it wasn’t picking at it, it was moving it from one area of the nest to another to keep it away from its nosey siblings. Another time one of the eaglets flapped a foot or two into the air only to land with one taloned foot squarely on top of the head of another eaglet who was trying its best to duck out of the way. I found myself setting my camera aside at times just to watch the show.

But then it happened! One of those milestone moments unfolded before us. As the eaglets were taking turns making full use of the stiff breeze by windsurfing on flattened wings, in a sort of low-level soaring a foot or two above the nest, one of the eaglets truly flew. It stepped up to the edge of the nest, faced into the wind, and flapped. It flapped strong, hard flaps. And as it flapped it rose higher and higher into the air. Two, four, six, eight, ten, maybe twelve feet above the nest, above the top of the highest leaf on the tree. As it lifted skyward it peered steadily back down at its siblings and the shrinking nest below. Then gently it descended back into the nest in a very controlled manner. There it sat for several minutes as if trying to comprehend what had just happened. It had flown! This flight was from Point A to Point A, but it was a flight.

Every little milestone is a huge step towards a freedom I will never know. As we stood there in awe of this seemingly simple event we once again were reminded of what a privilege it is to be able to witness this wonder here in our own backyard. I knew they could fly!

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  1. Thanks SO much for sharing these awesome photos:)!! It’s “almost” like being there… Can’t wait for “first ‘real’ flight”.

  2. I am SO happy to be able to share!

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