Wobbly Wings Are Getting a Lot of Use

The eaglet that fledged Father’s Day morning is doing quite well. It has flown back to the nest several times today even though we were experiencing a breezy, 90 degree sun-drenched Monday with occasional gusty winds.

Early in the afternoon it was seen amusing itself by chasing a number of Great Blue Herons through the skies above one of the many lakes that lie within its parents’ domain. The eaglet then spent part of the afternoon perched deep within the sycamore tree about 30 feet below the nest. It eventually hopped, jumped and fluttered (in a very uneagle-like manner) to the outer branches of the nesting tree where it managed to get itself airborne in the stiff breeze. Its flight was wobbly and labored reminding me of a child who is riding his bicycle without training wheels for the first time. Its progress was slow and  uneven until it was able to build up enough speed for a steadier flight.

The adults, as usual, were perched nearby or flying overhead, keeping a watchful eye on their youngsters. The male brought food to the nest in the form of  a fish and later, a turtle. The female escorted the young flier back across the river to the lake where I am sure she fed it as well.

The more this eaglet flies the stronger its muscles will become and the more its coordination will improve. With two siblings about to take wing the skies above the well field that they call home will soon become crowded and all three eaglets will become stronger while the busy parents become exhausted!

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  1. VERY exciting!! Anxious to hear about the siblings too:) Hope a naming contest is announced soon; I’ve got my names picked out:)
    Praying all of the eaglets fledge successfully! Thanks for keeping us informed. Looking forward to the picnic too…

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