The Learning Continues

In the early summer heat and sunshine the eaglets are learning new skills and mastering others as they prepare for the years ahead. Both of the eaglets that have taken wing are doing extremely well. They still have some difficulty finding suitable landing places and often look very un-eagle-like attempting to land, but they always manage to do so. Yesterday, one eaglet opted to land in an unused Great Blue Heron nest a few trees away from the aerie. The two flyers stay pretty close to each other and a watchful adult is always nearby.

I am pleased to say that the devices that we “encouraged” the local power company to install on the upper crossbars of the utility poles appear to be working. We have yet to see an eaglet perch atop a pole this year and therefore they are less likely to have a nasty encounter with the powerlines and the electrical current they carry.

As for the eaglet still in the nest, it appears healthy. This eaglet may be as much as a week younger than its eldest sibling and will hopefully fly soon. It is flying vertically above the nest and the wingbeats are becoming stronger and more controlled. I believe that it will fledge soon and visits to the nest they have called home for the first three months of their young lives will rapidly decrease as feeding and roosting will happen deeper into the confines of the well field. When that happens the unseen tether to the aerie will be snapped for another year and the massive nest will begin its season of rest.

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  1. I am worried about the eagles after the bad storm we had today. Tried to get on the eaglecam, apparently it is out. I need an update on how they weathered through all that wind.

  2. Pam, I hope all 5 are OK. The nest was damaged. I have just added a post and will update it tomorrow.

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