A Tribute To An Empty Nest

The eagle nest now stands alone and empty.

It was skillfully constructed for a singular purpose by master builders carefully following a blueprint that had been imprinted in their brains before they had ever seen the glow of a morning sun. It has served its purpose. The nest has seen restoration and renovation. It has survived the elements in spite of many harsh winter snows and it has withstood spring’s tornadic winds and torrential downpours. It has endured the fiery cauldron of summer’s scorching heat. Only in the coolness of autumn’s explosion of colors has it found rest.

Over the past two years it has been the home of five eaglets. It has safely cradled the fragile eggs within its massive arms. It has bedded the exhausted new-hatchlings as they have recovered from the ordeal of escaping from their eggshell-prisons. It has known the endless pecking and pulling of its sticks as the young eaglets explored their new world. It has been a nursery, a playroom and a cafeteria. But its service for the year has been rendered, its task has been completed and completed well. The eagles’ focus has moved elsewhere as it should. Only occasionally will the eaglets return to it and those visits will gradually fade until these young ones come no more.

Still it will stand. It will stand as a marker to all who can see its remarkable expanse. It designates the heart of the eagles’ territory, a monument to their skill and a silent testimony to the promise that someday they will return. Though it is now tattered and worn, as the autumn colors begin to fade, they will return. Once again it will be lovingly repaired. Once again it will daily grow larger as its walls are carefully mended and fortified. Then, amid the winter’s chill, it will once more cradle new life.

This nest is so much more than just a nest. It is even more than an eagle’s aerie. For to the Bald Eagles of Eastwood,  it is home.

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  1. How poetic… thanks, Jim. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone on Saturday…

  2. Looking forward to finally meeting you too, if we all don’t melt first.

  3. Very well put Jim!

  4. Very beautiful. It touched my heart because the meaning runs so much deeper than just an empty eagles nest. Thank you.

  5. Thank you Melissa.

  6. Thank you Tina.

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