2,000 Words

If a picture paints a thousand words then here are two thousand. The pictures above tell two stories, one disheartening, the other encouraging.

The obvious disheartening story is told by what is different in the two pictures. Look at how much of the eagle’s nest is now gone with the wind. Friday’s monstrous gusts removed the top half of the nest drastically reducing both its diameter and depth. The large bowl is now a small saucer.

The encouraging story is told by what is the same in the pictures, the eaglet! At about 7:30 tonight, all three eaglets flew back to the nest waiting to be fed. Two opted to land beside each other in a nearby tree, but the youngest (judging by its relative inexperience in the practice of the art of landing) plopped into the nest. Jim and Cindy had been perched in trees near the nest for much of the evening. All of this activity served to reassure us that, at least for now, the small nest is still home.

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  1. Jim, I just wanted you to know that I love your writing. Everyday I check to see if you posted anything. I am so relieved that the eagles survived the storm. I was especially worried about the youngest one. I could not hardly stand waiting for information. Did the camera get damaged? Do you think that they will really rebuild the nest? I sure hope so. Also Rogers pictures are beautiful and breathtaking. I’m sort of incapacitated right now. I just had knee surgery, so I am sitting here with leg propped up anxiously awaiting updates. Thanks so much!

  2. Hello Pam, Thank you for your compliments. They are very much appreciated. I will be sure to make certain that Roger knows of your admiration of the results of his hard work. His pictures are truly amazing. We were all very worried about our local eagles after the storms. I still don’t know how they all survived but I am so thankful that they did! It must have been horrifying for them! The cameras were not damaged but there were cabling/communication issues. I am fairly certain that they will rebuild that nest for the 2013 nesting season and I am even more certain that they will stay within the well field even if they relocate to one of the two other nests that they maintain for emergency housing. I am glad that we can bring a smile to your face during your recuperation. Take care of your leg and give yourself ample time to heal.

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