More Nasty Utility Pole News

When Dayton Power and Light, our local utility company, installed the avian protection devices on their utility poles nearest the eagle’s nest this spring, they ran out of devices before they ran out of poles. Late last week our three eaglets found those yet unprotected poles and quickly are  becoming acclimatized to the easily approachable, open perches. The eaglets are totally unaware of the potentially deadly dangers that are associated with those poles.

As soon as we saw the problem developing we voiced our concern to DP&L as well as the our friends at the City of Dayton Water Department. The Water Department people are very protective of the eagles and are always proactive in seeing that the eagles have every opportunity to prosper. They too sent urgent messages to DP&L. I am pleased to report that the utility company was also quick to respond and has promised us that they will have crews in the well field on Monday, July 9th, to install additional devices. In light of the recent storm damage and the current record-breaking heat wave, I am rather surprised that they are responding so rapidly.

There are five poles that the eaglets seem to use the most. They are along a road that runs parallel to their favorite fishing lake and therefore provide a clear view of the water. Their parents frequently perch in the trees nearby where they can view two separate lakes, one to the north and one to the south. The adults have never been observed using the utility poles for perches. I am hoping that the crews will install devices on these five poles first before moving elsewhere. Hopefully their swift action will break a bad practice before it becomes a bad habit.

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