Our Girl Has Flown Home

As I have stated previously, Cindy, our breeding female Bald Eagle, has a habit of disappearing for a week or two (or more) after her eaglets have fledged the nest. This year was no exception. We tend to grow a little concerned as her absences drag on. We were elated last weekend when we saw Jim and another adult flying low above the trees within the confines of the well field. We had assumed it was Cindy but we were unable to see her long enough to properly identify her. That is no longer the case. Our wandering girl has indeed flown home.

Roger was able to catch these amazing images of Cindy as she was fishing yesterday. And there is more good news for all of you local eagle fans. These pictures were taken on the very public lake at Eastwood Lake MetroPark. Many of you have voiced your frustration with having little or no success in seeing these magnificent birds in the wild, as they do spend most of their time in the well field with its restricted access. As I mentioned in my recent reply to a comment left on this blog, success is being in the right place at the right time. The right place is Eastwood Lake MetroPark, the right time is up to the whim of Jim, Cindy and the juveniles.

We are just glad that she is back and that she looks to be very healthy. Now if we could just see all three juveniles together to verify that they are all well too, then we would be ecstatic!

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  1. Good news indeed! I’m trying to figure out what kind of fish that is.

  2. I would call it a very unlucky one.

  3. I would say so. =)

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