The Instincts of the Heart

Instinctively committed and willing to go out on a limb for each other.

I fear that we human beings have lost a few things as we have learned to trust in our superior intellect. Mainly instincts. Afterall we are part of the natural world as well. We often forget that fact and view ourselves as somehow outside of the realm of nature. But the instincts are still there, just subdued. You have experienced them many times. Maybe it was the feeling that you were being watched. Perhaps it was the uncanny foreboding that you were in danger or the sense that something just wasn’t right. We have learned to view trusting our instincts as being unsophisticated, intolerant or unenlightened.

One of the reasons that I enjoy watching wildlife is because animals are so instinctive in all that they do and that is also why I so eagerly anticipate this time of year. We are on the cusp of Courting Season, the time of year when many creatures begin seeking a mate so that the late winter and early spring babies can grow strong before the harsh weather of the next winter approaches. The Bald Eagle also embraces the crisp autumn weather with a season of courting. Bald Eagles mate for life but while they are courting they act like young lovers. They are constantly together, often within a few feet of each other. They follow each other around and frolic through the skies as if they haven’t a care in the world, lost in the comfort of each other’s presence. They soar into the clouds and lock talons like lovers holding hands. Then, tumbling together, they plummet earthward, literally head over heels in pure ecstasy. What an amazingly wonderful spectacle. Jim and Cindy have been a pair for at least four years but every year it is the same thrilling escapades, the same instinct-driven, rapture-filled adventure.

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, as the air becomes crisp and cool, it is encouraging to know that a life-long committment can be young, fresh and thrilling if we let go of the over thinking and the worrying and just freely follow the instincts of our hearts.

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  1. Great post! What a great example they set for humans.

  2. Thank you. Fidelity, devotion, gentleness, rapture, self-sacrifice… are all qualities that wane and vanish so rapidly in many human relationships today. The eagle can inspire us to let go of the anchor of self-centeredness and soar.

  3. What a beautiful message!

  4. Hi Eagle Jim, Well this post made me cry. So beautiful!! With our world in such a mess, something so simple and pure as nature and our eagles, can give us such joy and hope!! You made me smile and I look forward to each of your messages.I read each one to my father, he has parkinsons disease and his mind wonders a lot. But he enjoys hearing about the eagles and I also show him the photos you take. For myself and my father, we feel like we are there with you watching the eagles.Thank you once again. Polly.

  5. Thanks again Polly. I am so glad that we can share the joy and the inspiration we feel every time we see these magnificent creatures. I am pleased that you and your father enjoy them so. Some of the photos I post are mine, some, like the one in this posting, were taken by others in our group. This image of Jim and Cindy was captured by Roger Garber, our chief photographer, and was taken at Huffman Lake as the eagles were perched in a tree along the banks of the Mad River. Roger does amazing work. I will be sure to pass your gratitude along.

  6. Thank you. The eagles never fail to move me.

  7. I enjoyed reading this piece so much and just love the picture. I feel so fortunate to have come across your Eastwood Eagle Watchers blog and these eagles, Jim and Cindy. I especially loved the words and meaning therein where you wrote “As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer,,,,right to the conclusion ‘follow the instincts of our hearts’. The Bald Headed American Eagles are so beautiful and so loved. I feel my husband’s spirit all around me when I am following these and other eagles because he so loved the eagle. The Eagle was the first gold pendant he gave me some 29 years ago. I continue to learn about them in your words and this new passion I’ve found and like everyone, I’m thankful and ever hopeful they will continue to be safe. In words describing them, their like young lovers in their escapades, lost in the comfort of each others presence, this is so rare and what a comfort to have read these beautiful words from you. As we await their fall turning to winter and the high anticipation of a beautiful spring and the thought of more little eaglets, I will remain thankful for your guiding words and this wonderful group.

  8. Thank you so much for your kind words. All of creation proclaims a beauty and wisdom that is somehow beyond comprehension. Whether a simple drop of rain falling softly upon the silent surface of a pond or lightning blazing across a sullen sky, there is beauty to behold. To me, the eagle best personifies the grace, beauty and majesty of God.

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