Stick Upon Stick

That is how you build a nest, stick upon stick. One stick at a time. Time, after time, after time. And that is exactly what Jim and Cindy, our local Bald Eagles, are doing.

I apologize that the pictures above are not up to our usual standards but all three were taken at pretty good distances. I hope to be able to post some better images soon. The first two shots were just too important not to post. The massive aerie destroyed by the windstorm in late June, is being rebuilt! This year’s version will be smaller than the old nest which had seen several years of renovations, but it too will grow over the years. The lower walls of the 2013 nest should allow for better viewing on our two, pole-mounted eagle-cams. The live-video-feed can be seen during the February to July nesting season on the eagle page at

In the first picture you can see the empty fork (just below and to the right of Jim) of the sycamore that our eagles have called home for the last couple of years. The second picture shows Cindy on the right and Jim working on the new nest which is nestled in that fork of their tree! Cindy often inspects as Jim works at placing a stick and then she relocates the stick to meet her own exact standards.

The third picture I posted just for fun. It was taken this evening from across Eagle Lake. They love to sit side by side in these trees and watch the setting sun. Then, together, they retreat deeper into the well field just as the last filtered rays of sunlight are absorbed by the darkness of the approaching night.

Each new stick brings us closer to a new adventure. The foundation of this nest will serve as the foundation for the adventure that will be the 2013 nesting season as it progresses day upon day and story upon story. And it all begins as an eagle uses its talons and beak to simply place one stick upon another.

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  1. I am so happy that Jim and Cindy are rebuilding the old nest!! And I enjoy the fact that Cindy is making the decision as to where to put the sticks.I can imagine the look she gives Jim with her powerful (eagle) eye! Thanks eaglejim for the update. Polly.

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