A Personal Note of Thanks

This Eastwood Eagle Watchers blog hit a milestone this past weekend as we surpassed the 100 Followers mark. I know that many blogs have more subscribers but I am so grateful for each one of our followers. On behalf of the entire EEW group, thank you.

As a lifelong “eagle nut” I have closely followed their decline and recovery. This month marks the 4 year anniversary of Jim and Cindy’s arrival at the wellfield, just 5 minutes from my home. I check on them every day and I still feel the thrill and amazement every time I catch a glimpse of these incredible creatures. I have met many wonderful eagle fans over that period and trust I will meet many more in the future.

On this blogs busiest days we have had well over 1,000 hits. I am honored that so many people, in so many countries, are checking the blog and are interested in our eagles. The hours that we spend in the field and at the keyboard as well as meeting and working with our partners at The Boonshoft Museum and The City of Dayton Water Department are truly a labor of love. If you are new to this blog, please take a few minutes to wander back through the earlier postings to get a sense of Jim and Cindy’s struggles and triumphs over the past few years.

I often end my emails with the simple phrase, “Keep looking up!” You never know what you may see up there or who may be keeping an eagle-eye on you!

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  1. Thank you for letting us enjoy Jim & Cindy along with you! Your pictures are incredible and my husband & I travel by Eastwood every weekend to go camping near Bellefontaine. Since we became aware of the Eagles we have spotted them several times and it thrills us anew each time!! We also started looking up as you suggest and have made a game of counting how many Eagles and hawks we can see each trip! Our highest count so far was a couple wks ago. We saw Jim and Cindy sitting together at the top of a tree and then went on to count a total of eight hawks on the rest of the trip!! Thank you!

  2. I cannot thank you and Boonshoft enough for this venture to captivate others in how important following these wonderful creatures is! I share and forward as much as I can to everyone I know. I hope to make it to event soon—and I would love to volunteer for any opportunities that may arise! Thanks!!!!

  3. Ya Know I am keepin an “EAGLE EYE” on Ya
    And the camera to the sky.. This means I am Lookin UP 🙂

  4. Thank you Amy. Our Chief-photographer Roger and I know that treetop perch well. What a great way to pass time while traveling! I have developed a habit of trying to stop in the path of oncoming birds-of-prey and snapping pictures through my open sunroof.

  5. Thanks Brenda. I will make sure that our Boonshoft and Copp Systems Integrator (the major sponsor of the eagle-cam project) partners are aware of your comment. I hope our paths cross soon.

  6. Couldn’t do this without you and your big lens. Thanks for all you do. (Now get back out there and take some pictures!) ;o)

  7. Keep up the great work!

  8. Thank you for the encouragement and for joining us on this adventure.

  9. The thanks goes to your group of Eagle Watchers!! The love and care for the safety of your eagles is so special!! Each posts is a continuing chapter in Jim and Cindys life. Somehow I think they know that they are protected and maybe trust this amazing group of dedicated people. Has anyone ever thought about writing a book about the adventures of Jim and Cindy? The way you post to all of us, it would be a neat story about their life and their devotion to their babies. You’re a great story teller eaglejim and I know some day I hope to see them for myself. Thanks, Polly.

  10. Thanks Polly. We have thought about a book. Actually two books, a documentary and a children’s book. But that is as far as it has gotten.

  11. I love these updates and to think we might be able to look forward to a book….and a children’s book; great idea. So many are so lucky to have seen them. Thanks for the photos. It means so much at this time when they are rebuilding. What an amazing pair.

  12. They are truly amazing. Thank you for your support.

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