Perfect Harmony

Courting can be so much fun!

Remember the thrill of holding hands, the joy of quiet strolls through the autumn scenery, the total security of each other’s arms and that secret embrace or passionate kiss? We humans sometimes grow too familiar in our relationships. Other issues cloud our love and obscure our true emotions. Not so with the Bald Eagle.

Driven by unadulterated instinct their annual season of courting and mating is new and fresh each year. It is as if they were young lovers carried away in the rush of newfound joys that far surpass their imaginations. As the season passes each will grow increasingly comforted by the presence of its mate. More and more inseparable. Hours will be spent together nest-building followed by hours perched side by side in their favorite tree.

Their hand holding is the locking together of their talons in flight. Their long walks are soaring flights through the crisp autumn skies. Their kiss is the tapping their beaks together. Their companionship is constant and their committment is lifelong. But each year is a new and fresh beginning. At times I almost feel embarrassed for watching their intimate moments so closely. Two wild creatures perfectly paired and perfectly content, spending their lives in perfect harmony.

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  1. They aren’t embarrassed. They’re taking a bow. =)

  2. Very Nice Jim…

  3. That may very well be the case.

  4. Awww! Nice interpretation.

  5. Thank you sir, but the real credit goes to Jim and Cindy and the lessons they teach.

  6. So sweet! Thanks for this post, eaglejim. Polly.


  8. You are very welcome Polly.

  9. And we love to share about them Ruth. Sounds like a pretty good combination to me.

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