Perfection in Design

We human beings often pride ourselves on our resourcefulness and our creativity. We are constantly looking for the “new and improved” version of last year’s “old and outdated” items. We eagerly upgrade this and upgrade that in pursuit of perfection. Everything from homes and automobiles to coffee makers and telephones are colorized, modernized, supersized or downsized to entice us to go deeper into debt moneywise. And we do just that. Then we purchase the extended warranty just in case it breaks. But why don’t we just invent the perfect prototype in the first place?

Because we can’t. We’re just not that bright.

A perfect invention must not only have all of the correct parts assembled in the correct manner controlled by the correct software, it also has to function smoothly to accomplish the desired goal. Could there ever be such perfection in design? Is it even possible? Sure it is!

I give you the Bald Eagle!

Roger Garber, or chief photographer, recently asked Cindy, our local female Bald Eagle, to pose for a few pictures to illustrate this perfection in design. She was only too happy to assist us.

As the pictures below clearly show, eagles are amazing creatures perfectly designed for the task of fishing and hunting prey. The beak of an eagle is not only strong and forceful, it is perfectly designed to puncture, rip and shred flesh. The talons and the soles of the eagles feet are perfectly designed to snatch, kill and securely grasp the prey. Those wings, and even each individual feather, are also masterpieces of perfection in design and function. Not only do they allow the eagle to soar to amazing heights but they can produce remarkable speed as well, as it closes in on its prey, or the catch of an unfortunate Osprey. Add to these their unbelievably acute eyesight, their specialized circulatory and respiratory systems and the brain that provides the software to perfectly coordinate all of those parts and keep them operating in complete harmony. There is no need for improvement when you already truly have perfection in design.

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  1. These pictures are awesome!! I am amazed by her eyes, so focused and powerful.The bald eagle to me is truely magestic and is the perfect emblem for our country. I appreciate Mr. Garbers talent of getting Cindy to pose for him. I would like to know his secret because I can’t get four grandchildren to all sit still and smile at the same time! Thanks eaglejim for our fashion model of the week. Polly.

  2. Thanks again Polly. Every grandparent knows that trying to photograph two or more grandchildren smiling towards the camera is more of a wild adventure capturing an image of an eagle.

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