Nearing Completion

Jim and Cindy have been diligently working on the rebuilding of their nest to replace the one destroyed in the early summer windstorm.

Today as we stood buffeted by 30 to 40 mile-per-hour winds and admiring their work from afar, we commented on the fact that the nest had rapidly grown nearly as large as the 2011 nest and was now big enough to be used to incubate eggs and hold growing eaglets. As we watched Jim carried a few large sticks into the nest for Cindy to arrange and then flew off for more supplies. When he returned he held not sticks but a large clump of grass in his talons with which they began lining the nest. Additional flights brought more grassy material as one of their 2012 eaglets played in the wind over our heads.

If they are indeed carpeting their home then they too are happy with their progress. While egg-laying is likely several months off, Jim and Cindy will continue to work on this nest and their back up nests as well. November also brings the real onset of courting activity which will consume them and their time. We will see together what events the future holds.

As I type these words I can hear the winds howling through the darkness outside my window. The forecast is for gusts of up to 60 miles-per-hour, courtesy of Hurricane Sandy. I am concerned for the survival of the new nest and for the safety of our resident Bald Eagles. They have proven themselves to be resourceful and they have often amazed me by their determination to not only survive the storms of life but to prosper through them. Nevertheless, with the light of dawn we will find ourselves returning to Eastwood Park to inspect the nest and once again watch the early morning activities of Jim and Cindy.

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  1. Oh my goodness, you hadn’t posted for a while and I was worried that our eagles were in trouble! I hope that I can include myself and my dad as part of this eagle family! So glad Jim and Cindy are okay and busy working on the nest And hope and pray that they survived this latest storm. Do you think bald eagles have guardian angels too? I hope so!! Thanks eaglejim! Polly.

  2. I checked on them this morning Polly. They were fine and busy building as usual. I hope to post more soon.

  3. love it!

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