All Is Well

Treetop companions.

(Sigh.) That was the sound I made when I drove over to take an early morning look at the aerie after Hurricane Sandy’s gusty visit to the area last night and found everything was still intact.

The nest appeared to be undamaged and both eagles were healthy and active. I did not see the juvenile flying around but it tends to be a bit less predictable.

This afternoon I participated in a meeting with Boonshoft Museum and our corporate sponsors to discuss the 2013 Eagle-Cam. There have been some challenges this year but it appears that all is well there too. We have added a few new corporate sponsors to the project whom I will mention soon. There will also be a few changes to the Boonshoft Eagle-Cam page that I am sure you will enjoy. I suspect that the new nesting season will begin in late February and once again the activity at the nest will be streamed live around the world.

For now, all is well. (Sigh.)

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  1. Double sigh! Thanks for checking on the eagles and letting us know that they are okay.In the photo,is Cindy on the left? I’m trying to learn which is Cindy and which is Jim. How did I do? Thanks eaglejim. Polly.

  2. I believe that is Cindy on the left. She is larger and broader than Jim. Had a great day with them again today! New post shortly.

  3. Reblogged this on eagleholic and commented:
    Good news all around with the Boonshoft nest – They came through Sandy well, and plans are in place for cams this year!

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