Down by the Riverside

A very wet Cindy in the rain.


Cindy smiling.


Cindy frowning.


Fish, it’s what’s for dinner.


The hunt is on!


Going in for the kill!


Down by the riverside.

The old song says, “I’m gonna lay down my burdens, down by the riverside.”

If you can venture down by the riverside, the side The Great Miami River that is, near the south terminus of Riverside Drive, you may see Jim and Cindy. They are still visiting the area daily, fishing in the flowing waters and perching in the trees. As the pictures above show, they are pretty good at both activities. Even in the early morning rain they are fairly easy to photograph. (Coincidently, he last reported Bald Eagle nest in Dayton was along this very stretch of river. It was in a large tree near the old Herman Street bridge. I believe that the nest was abandoned in the 1940s and the bridge and trees were removed as a part of the Interstate 75 project in the 1950s and 1960s.) But be warned, this is a limited engagement. Although the forecast is calling for a return to colder temperatures, the recent warm weather has temporarily melted the lake ice and made the fish there more accessible for the time being. Also nesting season begins in a month and they will once again stay very close to their sycamore tree. If you do make it downtown to try to watch them please stay a respectable distance away from the eagles so they are undisturbed by your presence.

The arrival of the 2013 nesting season also means that our partners at the Boonshoft Museum will be reactivating the eagle-cams’ live streaming video in about a month.

The laying down of one’s burdens can be a very freeing, uplifting and inspirational experience. Watching the grace and beauty of these majestic eagles can have that exact effect on a weary soul.

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  1. Another wonderful post! Everytime one of these pop up in my email, I excitedly click away to see some great photos, as well as read a well-written post. I have an hour to dedicate today for eagle watching. If I were to simply park and sit somewhere along the river, where might the best place be? I’ve been anxious to catch just a glimpse of one of these creatures. I live near Eastwood Lake and stopping to look for eagles has been part of my routine. Unfortunately, the last few weeks I’ve failed to see either of them. Thanks again for these wonderful posts updating us on the areas eagles.

  2. Thank you for sharing! Love, love, love the pictures! Would love to see the eagles myself. When is the best time for increased possibility of spotting one? Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2013 06:07:34 +0000 To:

  3. Thank you for your kind words Jill. Lately 7:30 to 9:30 AM is a very good opportunity if you park near where The Mad River flows into The Great Miami River at Deeds Point. This is just east of the Patterson/Riverside bridge.

  4. Thank you Caleb. As you probably know, the best place to watch them is along Route 4, just east of Harshman Road but parking along the highway is illegal. Therefore I default to the east end of Eastwood Lake near Harshman Road. For the next few weeks, 7:30 to 9:30 AM at Deeds Point, where The Mad River flows into The Great Miami River just east of the Patterson/Riverside bridge, will be very good.

  5. Thank you for these gorgeous photos.

  6. Thanks eaglejim, I also enjoy the updates and posts about the eagles!! Can’t wait for the eagle-cam to begin again and thanks for making us feel as if we are there with you watching Cindy and Jim. Polly.

  7. Again Polly, You are so very welcome. I wish you could see them in person, my words and even our pictures fail to capture their beauty and power. You keep reading and we’ll keep posting!

  8. I hope they made you smile Carolyne.

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