An Invitation to Eagle Watch!

Fly on over and join us!

Fly on over and join us!

Jim and Cindy are waiting for you.

Jim and Cindy are waiting for you.

They are getting their home ready for your visit.

They are getting their home ready for your visit.

The Eastwood Eagle Watchers are holding a family Eagle Watching Event at Eastwood Lake! The event, hosted by Five River Metro Parks, will be from 11:00 AM to noon on Sunday, February 3, 2013 and will feature short presentations on Jim and Cindy’s story, the Boonshoft Museum’s eagle cams, tips on watching and photographing them and some information on their well field habitat. We will have scopes and binoculars for viewing the aerie, photographs to view, as well as some fliers for you to take with you.

Nesting season activity has really picked up as Jim and Cindy are adding to the nest in preparation for this year’s eggs. They are working on the nest every morning so there should be a lot of activity to watch.

We realize that there is a big football game that afternoon but we will be done well before those expensive commercials begin. Of course the weather has to cooperate but that is beyond our control. Please plan on joining us if you can.

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  1. Awesome!! You KNOW I’ll be there… WooHoo!!

  2. I wish it was earlier as to not interfere with church…..will you possibly have another event??

  3. I can’t wait to sit, relax and see the beauty of Cindy and Jim.

  4. Thank You! Seeing eagles in the wild in on my bucket list and I’ve tried numberous times to see them. Feb. 3rd will be the day!

  5. Bring that bucket with you Kathy. We may have to put the list in it and burn it to keep warm. Hope to see you there and I hope Jim and Cindy grant your wish.

  6. Hope that they accommodate us all with a fly over!

  7. Nothing else is planned at this time but I will post it on the blog if it develops.

  8. Where do we meet for this event?

  9. I think I can make it! Oh I hope so, it sounds like a lot of fun! What a wonderful chance to see Jim and Cindy. Thanks for this opportunity!

  10. I hope to see you there Polly!

  11. Kathy, We will meet at the east end of the old Hydrobowl Lake, now known as Eastwood Lake, immediately south of Route 4, west of Harshman Road. The Eastwood Eagle Watchers will have tripod-mounted scopes and binoculars focused on the nest. I believe that Metro Parks will have some equipment there to. I have had quite a few people say that they are attending and Metro Parks and the Boonshoft Museum are promoting the event as well so we may have quite a crowd!

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