Inspiration on Wing

One of the many reasons that I find the Bald Eagle so mesmerizing is that they are just so unstoppable. Nothing seems to deter these masters of the skies from prospering.

Jim in the dawn snowfall.

Jim in the dawn snowfall.

Learning from its first winter.

Learning from its first winter.

Jim and Cindy taking an early morning break.

Jim and Cindy taking an early morning break.

There is of course the story of their amazing recovery from near extinction to being delisted completely. (This week I received a letter from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources thanking all of the volunteers and informing us that they are discontinuing their decades-old program of monitoring the state’s Bald Eagle population due to the delisting and the rapidly increasing number of eagles repopulating the state.)

But even more so, I am amazed at the sheer fortitude that these amazing birds exhibit everyday. They are native only to the North American continent and they blanket every part of it. From Mexico to Alaska you will find growing populations of Bald Eagles. Here in the midwestern United States our temperatures run the gambit from highs in the 90s and above in the summer to subzero lows in the winter. And through it all, our two individual adult eagles, Jim and Cindy, weather the extremes and thrive. That just amazes me.

Without the benefit of a furnace and air conditioning that we utilize to counter the extremes of nature, without the ability to don or remove clothing, even without the benefit of having a roofed shelter to protect them from the scorching sun, drenching rain or falling snow, they survive. How? Why?

Today an Arctic jetstream swept through Ohio bringing with it a forecast of subzero lows and windchills in the negative double digits. As we watched from the heated comfort of our cars Jim and Cindy and one of their three 2012 eaglets were doing what eagles do. In the icy snowfall and the frigid air they were fishing, perching and flying just as they were in the suppressive heat of July. The next few days will be a challenge for them, but as in all areas of nature, each challenge survived increases endurance an improves the odds of future survival.

We cannot fly. We cannot soar. We cannot even fish with the skill and successfulness of an eagle. Exposed to the elements without all of our inventions we would perish, and yet they endure it all, day after day and year after year. That is why the sight of a Bald Eagle flying through the crystalized snow in the frigid January air, for me, is inspiration on wing.

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  1. The first picture Mr.Garber took of Jim is so beautiful!!! The sky is grey and the snow is falling and Jim is taking it all in stride.One word eaglejim that you use is “amazing”. It describes our eagles in everything they do so perfectly. Another word for me would be awesome!!!! Thanks to you and Roger Garber for your amazing posts and awesome pictures Polly.

  2. Both words fail to do them justice but they will have to do for now. Jamie Simpson featured that picture of Jim on the Channel 7 weather on TV. We are so glad that you enjoy our posts Polly.

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