Details, Details, Details

View through a decent camera.

View through a decent camera.

View through a good scope.

View through a good scope.

Jim and his snack.

Jim and his snack.

Jim and Cindy on Eastwood Lake.

Jim and Cindy on Eastwood Lake.

It is one week until the Meet the Eastwood Eagles event and if you haven’t visited the Five River Metro Parks website or the Boonshoft Museum website for the details, here they are.

This is a Five River Metro Parks sponsored event and will be held at their Eastwood Lake Metro Park. The event will begin promptly at 11:00 AM on Sunday, February 3rd at the lake, (formerly known as Hydrobowl Lake) on Harshman Road, just south of Ohio Route 4. (Be aware that you must use the first entrance south of Route 4. This entrance DOES NOT have a traffic signal. The signal is at the drive to Eastwood Park and NOT Eastwood Lake. This confuses a lot of people.) We will be gathering at the east end of Eastwood Lake, near Harshman R0ad.

Metro Parks has asked The Eastwood Eagle Watchers to lead this family oriented event. There will be several very short presentations by some of our group. I will talk about The Eastwood Eagle Watchers, Bald Eagles in general and offer a brief history of Jim and Cindy. Roger will talk about his photographs and where and when to find Jim and Cindy doing what they do so well. Martha will comment on the City of Dayton’s Mad River Well Field and Jim and Cindy’s habitat. There will also be information on the Boonshoft Museum’s eagle-cam project for 2013 and some photo books to look through. There additionally be some brochures you may take home. The presentations will be brief and will allow opportunities for you to ask any questions you might have. We want the real focus of the hour to be on Jim and Cindy.

Also focused on Jim and Cindy (or at least their nest) will be our tripod-mounted binoculars and scopes. The nest is some distance away from the park but clearly viewed through the leafless trees of winter. Two of the pictures above illustrate just what those magnified views may be like. We know that they have been fishing the local rivers from 7:30 to around 10:30 each morning and then diligently working on the nest during the late morning hours. They where also seen sitting together on the frozen surface of Eastwood Lake yesterday afternoon. Remember that they like to keep us waiting and guessing, especially Cindy, who has been a little camera-shy during the past few days.

Please realize that all of this activity is dependent on the weather. The temperatures are forecasted to be 40 degrees warmer mid-week and then colder again by the weekend so who knows at this point. Bring your family, scopes, binoculars, cameras and curiosity with you as you meet the Eastwood eagles.

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  1. Jim, thanks for all the info, and pictures, thanks
    Ray n Roger great shots WOW dma

  2. You are so welcome. We love sharing about Jim and Cindy.

  3. These pictures are just fantastic! I occasionally glimpse the birds as I drive down Harshman in the morning on my way to work; it’s fascinating to see close-up photos of the birds who are so far from my view. Thank you!

  4. Thank you. They are so much more impressive flying 30 feet over your head. I hope you get to experience a close encounter some day.

  5. Jim, Ray, & Roger, thanks for creating such wonderful photos these beautiful creatures. Hope to see all of you on the site.

  6. It is our joy to share what we see. At least one of us is always around.

  7. Jim, Roger, we spoke on asking Metro Parks to be able to offer some more of this info around early Spring after Eaglets are born, I know more folks will be available to enjoy and learn.
    thx for what you all do dma

  8. We will see what develops. We are always willing to share.

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