And Then They Came!

Getting ready.

Getting ready.

Icy roads and a lot of cars.

Icy roads and a lot of cars.

Even parked cars around the curve.

Even parked cars around the curve.

Getting things rolling.

Getting things rolling.

Let's talk eagles!

Let’s talk eagles!

Getting to know each other.

Getting to know each other.

Today was the day for the Five River MetroParks’ Meet the Eastwood Eagles event hosted by the Eastwood Eagle Watchers. As the week progressed the weather forecast became less and less promising. Then this morning as I looked out the window I discovered the overcast skies spitting icy snow crystals into the frigid air. As I arrived at Eastwood Lake at 10:30 I found MetroParks personnel setting up event signing along the park’s slick roadways. As we prepared the scopes and the table we were excited to see the graceful image of an adult Bald Eagle passing overhead, slowly winging its way back to the well field nesting area.

And then they came!

Through the park entrance came car after car of eagle enthusiasts, each wanting to learn more about this breeding pair of Bald Eagles who have called the well field their home since the Autumn of 2008. One of the many things that I have learned to appreciate so much about those whom I have met while watching the eagles over the years is that they do not tolerate nature, they embrace it. Snow, ice and 18 degree temperatures are just other parts of the experience.

Eventually 43 people, ranging from little ones in arms to those much, much, (much) older, assembled to spend the hour with us. And we had a great time. During the presentations Jim and Cindy made a couple of trips to the nest, teasing us with their brief appearances. Later we chatted together and shared our eagle stories as we shivered in the cold. Then as some were leaving one of the eagles circled over Eagle Lake, eventually rising high into the sky over Stebbins High School.

I want to thank everyone that made the trip this morning. Thank you for allowing me to ramble on about Jim and Cindy. I hope that the information we shared was helpful and will assist you in being more successful in your future encounters with these amazing birds. And for all of you who were unable to join us this morning, we may do it all again in the future. (But  maybe we can shoot for June…and 70 degrees…and bright sunshine…and a gentle breeze…and…ahhhhhh…)

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  1. Thank you Jim for braving the cold to share with all of us your love of the eagles!

  2. sorry we missed it…please do it again

  3. I briefly talked to the MetroParks people after yesterday’s event about the possibility of a warmer season gathering that could be promoted in their seasonal magazine. The Eastwood Eagle Watchers can always host an independent event any time. I am not sure what the interest would be but we were all pleased with the turnout in yesterday’s weather.

  4. It was fun Tina. It made me appreciate all the more what the eagles go through without central heat and air or even a solid roof above their heads for shelter.

  5. Please do it again. Was just too cold for the little ones to be out that long. Had planned to take them ice skating at Riverscape after the program. So sorry our plans fell through. Thanks for all you do for the Eagle Fanatics. Hope we get three more this year!

  6. It was really frigid Rhonda. Hopefully we can do it again and watch those three eaglets!

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