Could It Be Pride?


RGP490 RGP491 RGP492In the chill of the dim morning light of Valentine’s Day, Roger and his wife, Marcia, spotted this juvenile Bald Eagle perched in a tree at Eastwood MetroPark. It is interesting that it was even in the park at all, as Jim and Cindy now have at least one egg in the nest and are not in the mood to tolerate another eagle within their territory. Could this youngster possibly be Pride, the only surviving eaglet of Jim and Cindy’s 2011 nest? Even if it is Pride, it still poses a potential threat to that egg. This fact may explain why a thorough check of the park that afternoon and again this morning resulted in no further sightings of the stranger.

By noon today a light snow was falling and a brisk wind gusting out of the north was growing in intensity. As the afternoon progressed the flakes became larger and began coating the northern side of the trees. Then whiteout conditions made field observations impossible and downright miserable.

The deteriorating weather conditions forced me to retreat to the comfortable confines of my own nest, and my recliner, and a hot beverage and my laptop computer where I was able to see the snow-covered aerie and a snowy Jim or Cindy protecting their precious eggs from the frigid elements.

That brings me to the announcement (fanfare please) that the live-streaming eagle-cams were officially reactivated today. Our partners at The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, Dayton’s children’s museum, have reorganized the site this year to feature their new Raptor Cam page which allows the user to toggle between watching Jim and Cindy’s aerie or our resident Peregrine Falcons’ nesting box downtown (when they return this spring). The site also features links to this blog, my field updates as well as more of Roger’s wonderful images.

As the nesting season progresses we will keep both the Eastwood Eagle Watchers blog and the Boonshoft website as up to date as possible. On behalf of all of the EEW group and our many partners, thank you for joining us as we celebrate another wonderful year of Bald Eagle excitement with Jim and Cindy!

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  1. I am truly thankful to you for these updates, as well as the beautiful way in which they are written. It is a true joy to read your writing about these precious eagles. I sincerely thank you for the time you invest in taking and posting the pictures and writing such eloquent updates that always bring a tear to my eye.

  2. How wonderful!! A very nice birthday present for me:) I love our Eastwood Eagles and their diligent overseers… So excited for a new nesting year with Jim and Cindy (Hi Cindy #1)! Looking forward to upcoming viewing opportunities… Thanks to ALL of you.

  3. Thank you Tammy! I am so glad that you are moved by my words. The truth is that I find Jim and Cindy to be so inspiring that it is hard to not get a bit emotional as I compose the postings. I am glad to hear that my admiration and excitement is transfering to the keyboard as I type and touching your heart.

  4. Hang on tight KeeKee! The spring and summer promise a lot of flying and soaring with Jim and Cindy and their eaglets! (Incidentally, I am trying to not refer to our feathered Cindy’s egg-waddling and occassionally loose ways so as not to get too kiddingly needled by the human Cindy who was gracious enough to share her name with a young Bald Eagle.)

  5. I second what Tammy said in her comment!! I can’t wait to read the next post and it truely is an emotional bond us eagle lovers have. The combinatoin of Rogers pictures and your words, it’s magic. Thanks Jim, oops…..I mean eaglejim. Polly.

  6. Thanks again Polly. Your encouragement and appreciation is very encouraging and appreciated. Roger, Ray and I never know what we might see when we venture out with our cameras (other than each other) and I never know what I am going to write until I sit in front of this keyboard. We are as surprised as anyone at what Jim and Cindy inspire in images or text.

  7. I took photos of a juvenile eagle yesterday afternoon at Eastwood Lake with a small fish in its talons.

  8. Good for you Rachel! Bald Eagles share the same habits and tendencies but each bird has its own personality as well. It will be interesting to see how long this juvie stays.

  9. I am so enjoying the New Posts about the Eagles and Eaglet…please continue to include me. THANK YOU!!!

  10. Thank you Beverly. Hopefully around March 20th there will be more to report when we will see them feeding hungry eaglets.

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