The Still and Silent Season

Guardian of the silence.

Guardian of the silence.

As I gaze at the scene before me I am suddenly aware of the deafening hush that saturates the atmosphere. Any attempt to disturb the peace seems to be swallowed up by a curtain of gentle white flakes as they slowly dance to earth. A blanket of white sparkles ever before me concealing the many scars and blemishes that man has carved into nature’s beauty. This is the still and silent season.

As a squirrel, with its gray, bushy tail curved tightly along its back as a barrier against the cold, watches from high on a barren branch, a lone Whitetail buck emerges from the dense trees and warily forages for hidden nourishment beneath the snowy carpet at his feet. Even the Mockingbird perched atop the bush nearby refuses to mock the silence. (Or does he?) Not a one makes a sound, for silence rules the landscape today. Quietly, a lone eagle emerges from the snowfall as if guarding the solitude of the stillness and then slowly dissolves back into the curtain.

It is late February and a time for restoration and preparation. The squirrels, the  deer and even the trees around me are passing through their annual cycle of  stillness knowing that another spring is just around the corner. They seem to understand that with spring will come new challenges, new storms and new life.

In fact new life is already here! For high in the massive aerie that has been painstakingly nestled in a faithful fork of a towering sycamore tree, a single Bald Eagle sits motionless in the stillness. Both she and her home are covered in a thick dusting of white, yet under her warm breast is nestled that new life, safely hidden in the confines of a small, fragile egg. She sits there for hours. She moves only to stand for a moment and gently reposition her precious package before carefully settling down again to rejoin the stillness. And the stillness silently absorbs her movements.

Her egg, and each of the others that may join it in the nest, is a promise of recovery and survival. The struggle has been arduous and at times seemed hopeless but you can never tell how a story may unfold. Decades of death and loss have slowly passed and this new chapter, unfolding in aeries across the country, has new hope printed on every page. Each new aerie adds to that hope. Each new egg multiplies that potential. Each newly fledged eaglet carries on its wings a promise for the future. A future full of graceful hunters piercing the water’s surface with their talons, majestic wings soaring across the heavens and enraptured, committed, monogamous adults tumbling towards earth locked talon to talon like lovers holding hands and head-over-heels in love. A future of people of all ages, children and grandparents, standing side by side, bonding together by sharing a special moment of being newly inspired by the beauty of God’s creation.

That future is hidden here before me, somewhere, deeply concealed in the peaceful quiet of this still and silent season.

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  1. SO poetic… Great picture, Ray!! I love this blog…

  2. Beautiful and very well said…… love this…

  3. OH my I just love to read your posts you have a way with words that makes me feel like I’m right there with you.

  4. As I was reading your post, I wondered if Cindy and Jim realize how special they are to so many people. You write about them, others take photos of them, cameras are on the aerie,and the loyal fans can’t wait to read about them. But as you stated, in the silence of this season Jim and Cindy are focused on survival. Gotta love the Bald Eagle and I do!! Thanks eaglejim, Polly.

  5. Thanks again Keekee. We love bringing it to all of you.

  6. Thank you Opal. I am glad that you found it enjoyable.

  7. Thank you for the kind words Jannice.

  8. Thanks again Polly. It is with real passion that all of us share about Jim and Cindy’s passion for life and freedom.

  9. I feel privileged to read your pieces to us. Surely you must have authored a book or two? The still and silent season has never felt so special as it does now with this reading. Thank you.

  10. Why thank you very much for your kind words. I am extremely glad that you enjoy my postings so. I have written a few short stories for my young grandsons and some poetry but nothing that has been published. I am very flattered by your comment though. Jim

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