Hang Onto Your Hats

Happy family in April 2012

Happy family in April 2012

Hungry trio in May of 2012.

Hungry trio in May of 2012.

This is the week that we have been waiting for! More importantly, this is the week that Jim and Cindy have been waiting for! Our resident Bald Eagles should begin feeding behavior this week as they welcome the 2013 eaglets to their aerie. I have recently seen several pipping pictures from other nests.

I have posted the above pictures from last April and May to whet your appetites. If you look closely at the April picture you will see the top of three fuzzy little heads! I can still remember the thrill we experienced when we first counted three heads at once! One or two eaglets are fairly common but three is still quite a special event, and then to have all three successfully fledge is even better. With the new and improved deeper nest, it may be a while before we can count this year’s bobbleheads. The second picture illustrates just how fast they grow. Between hatching and fledging, a 70 to 92 day period, there will be a lot of  feeding going on.

We look forward to sharing more images like this as the spring progresses. I have a bit of good news to share with all of you. Roger Garber, the Eastwood Eagle Watchers’ Chief Photographer has just purchased a more advanced camera so maybe his images will be slightly more impressive, if that is even possible.

On another personal note, as of today we passed the 200 followers mark. This just amazes me. I am so grateful for each and every one of you. I admit to being an “eagle nut”. For as long as I can remember these magnificent creatures have fascinated me. I can remember drawing eagles in art class in first grade, many decades ago. To be able to witness their recovery and return to their former habitat across Ohio is a real blessing and to be able to share the experience here is just icing on the cake! (And I really like cake and icing.) If you have been with us from the beginning or if you have just found us today, thank you. Please feel free to contact us via our Gmail address and share any questions or comments you may have and if you know of someone else who may enjoy this journey, please share our blog and invite them along for the fun and excitement.

This process of eagle watching is a lot like a ride on a roller coaster. We have slowly crept to the top of that first big hill and are about to experience the thrills that lie just over the crest before us, so take a deep breath, hold on tight and hang onto your hats!

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  1. Still waiting patiently……..

  2. Jim and All EEW… You make this site SO exciting and fun to follow. Thanks to all of you too:)!! I’m anxiously awaiting the new adventures with Jim, Cindy and eaglets of 2013…

  3. I watched the eagle cam yesterday and I think it was Cindy in the nest because when Jim flew in, she slowly raised up and walked over to a stick and tried to rearrange it!!! She worked on it a few seconds and Jim just kept watching her, probably thinking ,” really, the nursery is finished” Just like a woman! My hat is on and ready for the ride!

  4. Any day now!

  5. Thanks KeeKee. We are all keeping our fingers crossed…and toes, and legs, and arms…

  6. Yep. That sounds like our girl.

  7. Jim

    Would you mind telling where the best site is to view the eagles. I’d like to drive there and see them in person.

    Mike Coalson

  8. My pleasure Mike. If you look back 2 posts on the blog to the post titled “Snow Challenge” and go to the last paragraph of that post I have a detailed description of the best legal viewing spot. There is even a photo posted to help you find it. The short version is the east end of Eastwood Lake along Harshman Road looking east-southeast. I hope the eagles cooperate with you. Jim

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